B¨rger Stiftung Ostholstein

For a stronger community

The Community Foundation of Ostholstein is by the people of Ostholstein, for the people of Ostholstein, a region located in the state of Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany.

You may be asking yourself what exactly Community Foundation is. A CF is a politically-independent instituion that seeks to build a financial base to complete projects which enhance the quality of life of the citizens of that region.

We seek to:

  • strengthen our community
  • recognize and solve problems
  • coordinate new service projects
  • develop new activities
  • increase public awareness about our organization

Our officials goals according to our charter, are:

  • to support the youth and elderly
  • to support education
  • to keep the arts as a vital element of our local culture
  • maintain traditions and historical buildings
  • develop sports teams and leagues

Everyone can help make Ostholstein a better place, and we are pleased to be a part of this endeavor. There are many ways to give. You can choose to invest in our capital, or simply to make a small, one-time donation. Your time, dedication, and creativity are equally welcome.

In case you have a specific goal you would like to work toward, we also offer an option where you can found your own "foundation within the foundation". This allows you to address the issues that you truly care about, while we handle the legal hassle. All of the "foundations within the foundation" fall under the CF Ostholstein as a whole, which we manage.

If you would like more information about how to get involved, please feel free to contact us.

Bürger-Stiftung Ostholstein
Am Rosengarten 3
23701 Eutin

Account Information:
Account Number: 134 958 354
Bank Identification Code (Bankleitzahl): 213 522 40
Sparkasse Holstein

Jörg Schumacher
Office: (0 49 45 21) 85-77001


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Schon ein Jahr nach Gründung der Bürger-Stiftung Ostholstein haben wir das Gütesiegel des Bundesverbandes Deutscher Stiftungen erhalten.

Wir gehören damit zu den 303 Bürgerstiftungen, die den 10 Merkmalen für Bürgerstiftungen entsprechen.

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